“My loss and grief took a toll for two years before I found Georgena. She is not only a teacher of practical, tested tools, she is a gentle strong guide. What sets her apart from anyone I have worked with during difficult times is her genuine and heartfelt generosity. Georgena knows how to “be there” for someone in need. She has “been there” herself.””

– Registered Nurse

Hi, I’m Georgena Eggleson

In the short span of 3 years, my brother, father-in-law, mother, father and teenage son died. My brother and son completed suicide, so these unthinkable deaths were accompanied by deep guilt that I should have seen their pain and done something to stop them.

My son Reed was just 15 when he took his own life.

Reed was literally so embarrassed that he wanted to die. Handsome, sensitive, gifted at math and visual arts, he was an athlete and charismatic leader. As a ninth grader, Reed planned to letter in 5 sports during high school. He clearly had hopes and plans for a bright future.

Reed had been drinking with friends, and he was caught. Following a failed breath test, he was suspended from school for three days and banned from the basketball team for the remainder of the season. He had never failed publicly. His embarrassment was so great, he couldn’t live with the shame of it. He had lost face for the first time in his life. When Reed was upset, I had learned to leave him alone.

While I was comforting his girlfriend, Reed ran home. He leaned over the barrel of his granddad’s shotgun and pulled the trigger. He literally lost face and died of what I now call impulsi-cide.™ Reed impulsively completed suicide because the pain he felt in that moment was greater than his plans for the future.

My world shattered.

With the help of my faith, family and friends who loved me, I began my odyssey to restore my life, return to living fully and find happiness again. I learned to move from shattered to wholeness. It wasn’t easy. I was unable to love myself because I believed that I had failed to guide my son safely through adolescence.

I had to recognize and own my grief.

Grief isn’t a “thing.” Rather, it lives within us. It reveals our deepest emotions, patterns and our longing to be in connection with our self, Source, the one who died and others. I dove deep and leaned into my grief. Of course, some days I was overwhelmed by the grief and trauma in my body. Finally, when I learned to communicate with my grief through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, I discovered grief as the transformative teacher it truly is and the gift I AM.

Through extensive study, I discovered that grief lives within us.

If you had a flat tire, would you fix it with your bare hands? Of course not. You would go get the necessary tools and support of another when required. As a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®. I began to teach mothers like myself, the tool of Mindful Grieving. I cradled and supported them as they became aware of the aches, pain, tension and foggy, missing places in their bodies. Each was a facet of their unique grief. By learning to listen mindfully to themselves by leaning into their grief, they were empowered to mourn intentionally. Releasing intense emotion from their body, they moved from their fearful mind down to their loving heart. They no longer had to think their way out of grief. By learning to listen to the language of their body, it became the bridge to release the anguished thoughts and emotions of grief.

These mothers felt their child move from ‘out there’ back into their heart. With embodied connection, these women could return to life experiencing radiant joy.

My current clients are people crushed by death and divorce, drowning in the shame of being jobless, unsure if their cancer is really in remission, opening to the possibility of a loving relationship and simply wanting to move forward in their business with clarity, confidence and ease. Discover what is keeping you stuck and the powerful guidance within you to move beyond your loss.